So – after a long and tough 4 years, I have called it quits with Google’s G Suite.  Mata Digital had been trying to make it work with G Suite for the past year to no avail – we just found that we had drifted apart too much.

Without sounding like a soppy breakup story – seriously, we did it!  We left G Suite over the weekend.   It wasn’t an easy task todo, with Google making me download our 400GB+ of client files in 2GB lots, and with Google Drive freezing often to make it as hard as possible.  About 12 hours after the mission begun – we made it, and I had finally moved all our files off Google Drive / Teams. Phew!

I write this blog post as a reflection on what went wrong, and what cause me to switch our company to Microsoft 365 (something I didn’t see coming…).   I think that it all started for me about 9 months ago, amidst a sharing crisis where the other companies within our group wanted access to shared calendars and files.  This went smoothly for most, except for a few small things we couldn’t achieve with G Suite.  This caused questions over a number of months including ‘how do I book the meeting room’ and ‘I can’t see your calendar’.

Next, we had the Google File Stream crash of 2019, where all our Mac users lost File Stream, and needed complete re-installs of the app to make it work (more than once might I add).

After this, we had the G Suite price increase, which amazingly made the somewhat featureless G Suite business plan the same price as Office 365’s standard business plan. This should have been the point which we switched, but no, we foolishly hung in there.

Then – our business ran into the issue of Google’s Mobile Device Management causing all users to be signed out for no reason.  This caused a large amount of frustration amoung users, and so, the decision was made to switch.


Day 4 of the switch is going good – and all staff seem to be happy enough with Microsoft Teams and Outlook – watch this space!