One of the easiest decisions I have had to make this week was to leave Thankyou Payroll.

I had been relentlessly supporting and promoting Thankyou Payroll as the modern, socially good, payroll solution for small businesses.  We have been using Thankyou Payroll for little under a year now, and initially we found it great.

It was after about 6 months when we ran into the first lot of issues – we started to notice that silly things happened with their ‘web interfaces’ – for example, entering timesheets.  Support’s response to this was to use a different web browser, and to try various trouble shooting steps.  The trouble was – our team, across Windows, Mac, and different browsers, all noticed the same issues.

In response to this, I thought – there must be a better way!  We hired book keepers to make the problem go away, and instead of it going away, it only got worse!  Staff were missing hours, pay days, and pay was going all over the show.

To make matters harder to deal with, Thankyou Payroll’s response was that, every time, we were wrong, and they were right…  Sigh!


We now enter un-chartered territory looking for a new payroll solution – we are now going to give Xero Payroll a go! Watch this space.