Recently, a pushy young man turned up at my door step offering a pretty good deal for fibre internet.

He worked for Vodafone NZ.


He would give 3 months free, on a one year contract, at $99 / month.

My biggest concern was that I wanted our existing ADSL connection to stick with Big Pipe, since I don’t like Vodafone ADSL, since we have had bad experiences in the past.  The pushy sales person assured me this would be the case, and Vodafone would get the ADSL cancelled with Big Pipe once the Fibre install was complete.


I read over the contract, and the first mistake was that the pushy sales person didn’t know that it wasn’t Chorus who provisioned fibre in Hamilton…  This should have been a sign of what was about to come.


Fast Forward two weeks, and I got a weird email saying my ‘Your Vodafone Broadband Service has been changed.’.  Weird, since fibre hadn’t been installed yet.

I then noticed about 20 minutes later that the internet speed was terrible, and the ping speed on speed test was 399ms.  Shit. Terrible!  It said it was hosted with Vodafone.  WHAT!


2 hours later on the phone, Vodafone are denying the connection is with them, even though Big Pipe have confirmed it is no longer with them. One person from Vodafone tried to tell me that fibre wasn’t even available in my street (it is.).


So now I am sitting here wondering what the hell is going on, and how can I get away from Vodafone so I never have to deal with this shit ever again!


P.S Vodafone, sort your call centre hold system out. I don’t like being on hold for more than 3 minutes, only to have someone new answer the phone, and have to explain EVERYTHING again, and go through the identity verifying again.