Part 2 of our journey took us on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, then to Los Vegas.

I think that pictures say it all for the Grand Canyon:


On our journey to L.V we stopped at a small town called Seligman. Felt like I had walked back in time!

IMG_7547 IMG_7545 IMG_7542

I don’t know what I was expecting when I got to Vegas, but I was honestly blown away.  It was crazy!  Smoke filled casinos and people everywhere!  I certainly did enjoy exploring though.

IMG_7559 IMG_7573

On Day 7, I had an experience I had never had before!  We flew in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. Yet again – photos explain it better than me rambling on:

229A3892 229A3898 IMG_7715

Another interesting experience we had on the evening was going to a show called Zumanity – although I will leave you to Google that one.