SwipeHQ is a pretty cool NZ based (I think?) company which specialises in online/mobile payments for small businesses. They are part of a bigger company, which makes other products too (although some of these don’t work / have terrible websites / terrible support etc etc etc)…


Swipe HQ sold mobile payment terminals, which simply hook up to your phone/wifi and allow you to accept EFTPOS/Credit Card payments.  This was absolutely perfect for small businesses that didn’t have a huge need for one, or to justify the cost of between $30 – $80 a month for a terminal etc.  The biggest selling point was that their was no monthly card fees!

Swipe HQ made their money through the 2.9% ish transaction rate.

Their support was ok, and most things were well documented. Although there was a few ridiculous things, such as:

  • The fact they have a plugin for WHMCS – A web hosting management software package, except they don’t allow web hosting providers to use their service (work it out I know)…
  • They have a horrible pre sales setup where to sign up you have to be verified and talk to someone from a call centre somewhere on the other side of the world. (we could never understand them half the time!)


So – all had been going good for my client until

5 Nov 2015 at 3:00PM 

when they got an email in Swipe’s horrible colour scheme which looks like something out of web designers 1990s email template disaster saying:



One of the most important changes is the addition of a ‘minimum transacting fee’. For your reference this is Clause 21 in our Terms and Conditions.

I know – how could Swipe HQ do this to their customers – adding in a clause saying that unless you put through $24000 in a year through your EFTPOS terminal, you are going to get charged $413 a year in fees.

How could they do this, after the reason that customers signed up in the first place was simply because there was no monthly transaction fees.


Screw you Swipe!