After seeing this Facebook post, it made me realise that I wasn’t the only one who felt annoyed with Sky.


For too long in NZ, Sky have held the market for pay tv, since they have always held the rights to broadcast sport tv matches etc.

I think that most of NZ may have reached the point where they simply don’t want to pay sky anymore?   (Based off the 1000s of comments on that Facebook post anyway)


Positives with Sky TV:

  • No streaming issues when crappy Spark Internet crashes
  • Easy to watch things
  • Sport
  • Watch Rugby over the internet

Negatives with Sky TV:

  • Seriously Overpriced
  • Bad Signal when raining (normally)
  • 1000s of ads
  • Repeated Content
  • Crappy Programming that no one actually watches
  • Keep charging users for new channels that no one watches
  • Movie channels are rubbish and show boring movies
  • Rude Sky Phone marketers often ring up trying to convince poor customers to upgrade to mySky.
  • No respect for loyal customers of 20+ years.
  • Sky happy to sell cheap sky in some areas, but not others?  (Sky Direct).  Is this some form of targeting rich / poor areas?
  • Did I mention the ads?!


Once a company can come along and win the broadcast rights to Rugby etc, I think that Sky will be in a very different position to what it is now.