Unfortunately one of the worst parts of my day is starting to be trying to deal with web hosting companies obtaining UDAI codes for .co.nz domain names.

I honestly never thought that I would add Google to the list of horrible companies to try and get domain passwords from – but yes.. yes they are!


About a month ago a client came to me wanting to use us for Email/Web and I said sure, send me over your domain details and I will do the rest!   Regretting that now (over 4 hours on the phone with GoDaddy / Google Apps over 3 weeks!)…

Since the NZ registry has a fairly specific setup, most hosting providers don’t play nicely or talk to it correctly.  This means, that in GoDaddy/Google App’s case, it sends out a really wrong code.

I phoned them up, and they emailed out a code about 3 days later. Tried it, and it didn’t work. So I called them up, and they said they would send out a new one. Never got it! Argh!

Updated registry contact info with GoDaddy – changes never went through…  Argh!

Phoned again, and 1 hour later, they finally had a new UDAI code! Great. Oh wait, it was the same one as the first time, the one that didn’t work! Argh!

Not amused.




In desperation I phoned Google Apps for Work support – ringing them from a NZ landline did not work well.  Disconnected twice, and for some reason their system didn’t recognise me pressing buttons a few times.




Sort out your shit Google Apps!