Recently I purchased a Micathermic Heater – feedback from others was good about them, so I thought why not give one a go.

The concept is relatively simple – there are no fans in the heaters, only ‘Micathermic panels’ which simply heat up, and air radiates.  The heaters are normally double sided, so you get heat in both directions.


My one included a thermostat, timer, and remote. All work well – minus the thermostat which turns off and on a lot – I guess it is hard for it to accurately a temperate without a fan pushing all the hot air around!


Since they heat the room up quickly, and they don’t require much time to heat up, it makes them a fairly good way of heating a room.

A quick and efficient way of heating up a room

I wouldn’t suggest that one uses it in a drafty or uninsulated home since the heat would escape, and the heater would be switching on and off all night – possibly an oil heater which retains heat would be better for this.