Thinking Out Loud

Not sure if EndNote is trolling me… Just downloaded it for the first time (off a Education Site) and it was about 6 versions out of date – so had to run the updater 6 times for it to work 😐

Thinking Out Loud

Trying to decide whether to use Google App Engine or Amazon Web Services to host a big WordPress Multisite install… Hmm..

Unbanning yourself from WHMCS

If you are like me and occasionally forget your WHMCS password, or your stupid autofill system can’t handle the concept of same usernames on different parts of a domain name, then you may end up locking your self out every now and again. Thankfully, it is a lot...

How to get Facebook Chat through Apple Messages on your Mac

You know the messages app on your Mac OS X? You can easily get your Facebook messages through this.   Simply: Open Messages App, go to Messages in the Menu Bar, and click on Add Account. Choose ‘Add Other Account’. Now there will be a form for you to...

The day I lost access to my Google Account

Ok – so it is a worst case scenario, and yeah, it will like never happen I thought.  And if it does, I’ll lose access to some of my emails, but nothing major, right?  WRONG   Recently after having annoying prompts coming up on Google Accounts (in...