QNAS - With no cover on




After having my QNAP TS-212 for one year I’m still undecided whether I love or hate my QNAP.  Numerous firmware updates have been released throughout the year, with heaps of new features being added too.

The Good:

  • Airplay!!!  Finally arrived, I can now stream straight from the QNAP to an Apple TV/Airplay Compatible Speaker (such as the Phillips AD7000W seen here).  Playing Music Videos/Music was really simple, although the Qairplay App built into the QNAP (which runs via a web browser) was glitchy and hard to use.
  • Time Machine Support – after months of struggle, I am now easily backing up our Apple Laptops/Desktops to the NAS via TimeMachine, instead of using CrashPlan (which was and still is kinda cool).
  • FTP – Thank goodness this networking protocol works well in the  QNAP otherwise transferring files would be near impossible.
  • App Centre – I’ve been super impressed with the number of new apps added recently, although some of these don’t work all to well with my model.

The Bad:

  • The Speed Meltdown in February 2015 meant that I had to reinstall everything, thankfully I didn’t loose any data.  Speed has always been an issue, right from the word go, with lots of ‘Loading’ signs, and unhelpful ‘working’ dialogs.
  • High rate of HDD failure – why does the QNAS keep on bleeping and carrying on – sometimes months after a new NAS HDD is installed that it is faulty – when actually it isn’t.  I would love an inbuilt utility to fix/repair bad HDDs.


The Plain Ugly:

  • The lack of an auto update function makes me cringe slightly though (managing 5+ of them makes it painful running updates!).
  • AFP and SMB seem to be completely broken ~ I can not quickly transfer anything using these protocols!  Time Machine takes hours and hours to complete its first backup, moving a 200GB file.  I think this is pure wrong.  Really interesting following this on Google, hopefully something is sorted soon.


I had setup the myQNAPCloud, but disabled it since I haven’t been using it.  This worked OK, although the speed was poor (our terrible internet speed certainly doesn’t help!).


Now starting to think is it time for an upgrade: QNAP TS-541S – maybe…  Or do I swallow my pride, and go back to using a Desktop PC as my NAS and save some $$$…