Finally got around to purchasing a Ubiquiti AIRCAM HD (UniFi AirCam).  It had been on my to do list for ages, but only just saw one in a store.

Unboxing and setting up the actual camera was easy enough, but one of the plastic clips snapped straight away – not sure why.   The plastic casing seemed to be pretty strong.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I felt a tad disappointed once I had it set up.  For one, the Server Software (AirVision) wouldn’t run on a clean install of Windows 7 Pro, and the picture quality was average.  To add to insult, the camera wasn’t actually compatible with UniFi’s newer CCTV system, which is what I was planning on setting up for a client.

Overall, I was a tad disappointed from a software point of view, but look forward to testing UniFi’s newer CCTV system (it looks really really cool!).

UniFi’s automation and enterprise system looks crazily cool, and can’t wait until I can find them in New Zealand!