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Xero + Zapier + WHMCS = Perfect

We are running a nifty installation of Xero + Zapier + WHMCS + G Suite.   This has created some amazing business automation behind the scenes, and makes on boarding, and repetitive tasks an ease! We are patiently waiting on an Workflow Max integration to Zapier now,...

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Splashtop Streamer

Splashtop Streamer has been my preferred remote desktop solution for a number of years now.  Recently I changed my password - and guess what happened!  It signed out all the computers that I had signed into the Splashtop Streamer on - so what this means: I now need to...

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Mac OS X Beta program, and Xcode Development

A while ago, I somehow ended up enrolling my laptop on the Mac OS X Beta program, receiving updates in advanced.  This was all going great, until I got an error on iTunes Connect saying New apps and app updates must be built with the public (GM) versions of Xcode 6 or...

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Backing up to Time Machine from VPN

It is actually easy to backup your Mac over a VPN to a remote server.   In this post: Our 'remote server' is a Mac Mini Server, with Time Machine and VPN enabled. Our client is a Mac Laptop. We are using this to keep the VPN running all the time, on the client.   Step...

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Persistant VPN Connection on Mac

Connect to your VPN. In AppleScript Editor run: tell application "System Events" tell current location of network preferences get name of every service whose (kind is greater than 11 and kind is less than 16) and connected of current configuration is true end tell end...

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Divi Theme and Contact Form 7

Divi's default contact form lacks the ability to add phone numbers etc. This code, from here, allows you to match the same layout as the original contact form, when using CF7. .wpcf7-text, .wpcf7-textarea, .wpcf7-captchar { background-color: #eee !important;...

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